Last Day in Asia…

Relaxed today by the rooftop pool thinking about the trip.  As expected, K is sad to leave, but M is ecstatic.  Dreading the long flight but both of us are looking forward to some of the things at home; clean clothes, salad, English, family, pets, favorite t.v. shows, and the list goes on.

K decided to get her Naughty Boy remembrance.  It will be displayed proudly on a chain around her neck when she arrives back to the U.S.A.

3 hours until our friend, the taxi driver comes to get us.  Our flight isn’t until 2:35 in the morning so it will be a long night/day for us.

Will post one more before we leave.😃IMG_20170706_154230.jpgIMG_20170707_151031.jpgIMG_20170707_151026.jpg

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