Jim Thompson

We had never heard of this guy, but he was an American largely responsible for the silk industry in Thailand.  Anyway, there is a museum made from his original house here in Bangkok so we visited there today.

You should see us now walking around this darn town like we own the place.  Hahaha!!  Check out M buying the sky train ticket from the machine.  The confidence levels are through the roof now and it’s so fun to see. 😃

The photos show the silk being extracted from the cocoons, then threaded up through the machine.  The whole process was pretty interesting.

The house was very nice and we learned that original Thai houses didn’t use nails when building their homes because they often picked up  everything and moved locations when living along the river and canals. The wood inside was dark teak and he had elements of Western design mixed with Thai. He mysteriously disappeared while vacationing in Malaysia and his sister was murdered in the states shortly after.  All very suspicious, right?

Had lunch at a street scene set up and have a pedicure appt. in about an hour at our hotel.  Its a good thing you can’t see us now.  We are so shoddy looking and burnt from all the traveling and immense amount of sweating that it’s embarrassing at how bad we look. Seriously…

We decided against a massage after reading blogs about how the women climb on top of you and practically beat you up.  We had enough of that when we got our hair shampooed in Vietnam and the foot massage in Cambodia.  We figured a pedicure would be somewhat tame.  Stay tuned though… 😒IMG_20170706_095402IMG_20170706_124058IMG_20170706_113713IMG_20170706_104950.jpgIMG_20170706_113552.jpg

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